How to use Facebook Marketing Tactics to Get Loads of Free Traffic to Your Blog

As a blogger, the main thing on your mind is to drive traffic to your blog. If you write articles of the best quality and there is not one single person to read them, then you are simply wasting your time. Facebook offers a remarkable opportunity to direct traffic to your blog and boost your article readership.


Here’s how you can use some common Facebook marketing tactics to drive lots of free traffic to your blog.


Make Your Images Bigger

Facebook posts that feature images are known to get about 120 percent more engagement than posts without pictures. When you make your pictures more prominent, you can count on getting comments, shares and likes – and of course, click-throughs.


Make Your Updates Short and Sweet

The aim here is to drive traffic to your blog, which be text-rich. But on Facebook, you will need to use witty, short updates in order to get people engaged, and get click-throughs. Preferably, keep your update to just one sentence and under 150 character count.


When creating text for your Facebook marketing, you need to keep in mind that a lot of your readers use Facebook on their mobile devices as well. So, ensure that your blog updates are clear, short and contains intriguing teasers for your blog content.


Ask Questions

You do not need to have a degree to know that asking questions invoke an answer naturally. You can use questions to strategically encourage click-through actions from your target audience. You should make your question short, intriguing and witty. Be sure to keep your readers in mind and make certain that your questions are related back to your blog page. You can ask different types of questions from personal views, trivia, fill in the blank etc.


Valuable tips for asking questions on Facebook:

  • Keep your questions easy to read, short, relevant to your fan page and witty. It is also advisable to use the word “your” and “you”.
  • Ask question in different ways, from trivia, opinion getting, to questions aimed at solving problems
  • Use questions that invoke curiosity to get sharing, click-through and/or commenting actions.

Give Readers a Feel of Your Blog

By using a short quote taken from your blog, you can give your target audiences a feel of what they are missing if they do not visit your blog. Use a fascinating quote from one of your blog posts. Quotes are among some of the most shared things on Facebook and other social networks like Twitter. If one of your Facebook connections shares your update, he or she more likely have clicked-through to your blog.


Search for a quote in your article that is straight to the point and gives a flavor of your blog’s powerful contents. Make it more personalized by including your images or images that are relevant to the blog title.


Share Valuable How-to or Lifestyle Blog Posts

You need to understand that your Facebook connections are generally not interested in being sold products or services. They simply want you to help improve their lives, and validate their sense of community on the Facebook. Quite honestly, Facebook is actually a place where people go to in order to connect with friends. As a smart blogger, and business minded person, you need to post tips to help people improve their life, inspire or encourage them.


When you create a how to or lifestyle blog post, do not hesitate to share it on Facebook.


Here are valuable tips for sharing How-to ad Lifestyle Blog Posts

  • Make use of pronouns like your, us, you in order to create a great sense of community among readers.
  • Include questions like asking your connections for their honest advice or tips – after you have posted the article links
  • Use how-to and lifestyle content to share a little bit more than just the products and or services you offer with your Facebook connections.



Host Interesting Contests on your Blog

Another effective way of generating traffic to your blog is by creating highly interactive content such as contests. Then use Facebook in order to promote the contest. Your connections on Facebook want to connect with your brand, and the best way to connect with them is by hosting interesting Facebook contests. It is important that you learn how to switch up your marketing strategy to boost your site traffic. You can also host these fun contests on your blog. Ensure your contests are sharable.


Share the Blog Content of Others

You may think that it is counterproductive to share the blog posts of others, but you will be happy to know that sharing the blog content of others is actually a strategy that will boost your website traffic. The idea of social media is to get people to share! So, sharing content from well known industry leaders and other reputable sources will help you make your brand appear more social. Your Facebook connections will also appreciate the informative content that you provide and will likely share the content with their own group of friends as well.


Utilize Facebook Ads

Using Facebook ads will help you reach your target audiences and Facebook connections. You can use Facebook ads to get people to see your blog updates and increase traffic to your blog. You can utilize `targeted Facebook ads in order to reach Facebook users within your interests and niche demographics.

Ads placed on Facebook do not have to be pricey for the return on investment that you get. You can decide to go with the pay-per-click (PPC) option – this way, you will only get to pay for the ads when visitors click-through to your blog. You must target the ads to reach your target audiences.


There is no doubt that Facebook is an amazing social website on which you can promote and drive traffic to your blog.  With the aforementioned tips, you are now armed with marketing tactics to drive traffic to your blog.

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